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late 2019/early 2020 summary? and an excuse to post old art from dA lol.
all of these are personal work or gift arts. except for the fox, that one is kinda a comm? a pwyw thing for a friend pfft-

left to right, up to down
[Nov2019] sweet dreams
[Dec2019] this is war
[Dec2019] santa mcpineys
[Feb2020] ash & zoid
[Mar2020] aurora
[Oct2019] xeryn
[Oct2019] 7025
[Nov2019] hello, wolf
[Dec2019] meet me on the highway
[Dec2019] crystal lava

P.S. ap compsci exam in less than 24 hours ;p im pretty fucked tbh. hoping for atleast a 2 /kek
oh ye its 4 am again. because the exam is at 4:00~4:45 am pfft

Time: i just kinda threw the old arts together but prob 2~3 hours each piece
Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad) + Photopea (browser)
Character: lots

Music Vibe: Dreamland by Glass Animals