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What is your Runalong I must know. I know I'm not the only one ok I swear,, i hope ;;
Mine kinda changes depending on the time of the day jkdsfjs- like if it's dark outside and the streetlights are on, it would kinda blend in with the lights. The lights are aliveeee.

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i dont remember doing this but i know exactly how they move so maybe i did

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I had an imaginary friend named Dreamy who was a tiny brown dot with fairy wings who lived inside my head--literally. His house was the inside of my skull. He would bounce or fly along beside the car (or more commonly the bus--I had a long busride to and from school every day). He also had a stable full of various types of steeds, his favourite of which was a chesnut pegasus by the name of Becca. He ate things too. His favourite food was 'statue pie'--a pie he made from the statue of Saint Joseph in front of one of the schools we stopped at. He also enjoyed the blueberry window at Kennedy Catholic High School.

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for me it was a bird of prey, flying right above the telephone wires

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I saw a person doing impossible fast parkour

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mine was an anime version of myself running and fighting monsters along the way lmao

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mine was Alf on a skateboard

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a l l t h e c a t s

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No one said that they stricktly have to mirror animate beings right???

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Negl, mine were usually my Pokemon team at the time. Esp my Staraptor

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mine were cats! not even cool shadowy cats or anything asdfghjkl they were just. cats XD

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Ooooh mine always were some kinds of dragons. Which one? Depending on my mood/place/weather. For example during storms they were clearly thunder/storm- dragons. Sometimes they wouldn't be even next to the card but would drag my attention up in the air and back again depending on how high they were flying.

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