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The Senri sat down on the stone stairway and looked across at the waterfalls that cascaded down the farther end of the island. Just as he was about to doze off from the fresh scent of rushing water, a snake-like creature wrapped itself around the tiny Senri's body. The Senri lifted his book out of the way just before the speedy lil dragon settled into a warm noodle embrace.
He hissed in a hushed tone at the noodle, "No, Wicker! Bad dragon! Bad!" The dragon grumbled softly back, completely ignoring the poor lad.

Characters: Glitch played by me, Wicker played by @sp00k5t3r

Sorry for lack of arts, released a couple days ago.
Love this game beyond everything right now. Waited for it for years now and it's absolutely fuckin' surreal to actually play it. Also friends are fun. Stepped away for a mere minute and came back to this damn dragon sleeping on me. >:V

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