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thank you for the likes, reblogs, and comments, i genuinely appreciate them and it's the reason why i make gift arts; the responses and reactions are enough to make my day <3

public Glitch (String iD, int existence) {
String\[\] carousel = {"merry", "go", "death"};

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you can find my faint pulse of existence on other sites as well! i am, however, only active on waterfall and leayph currently. i am semi-active on wolvden whenever i can.
update: feral is open so i made an account <3

discord; glitchfvck#2553
fer.al; glitchfox
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its 4 am help me.

Fanart for Zillion Ross. So many mistakes while working on this, which is why it took way longer than it should have taken lol. Bad planning mostly. Still some mistakes but I've burnt myself out on this and had to take a couple of days to recover my muse lol.

Time: 2 days

Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad) + Photopea (browser)
Character: Zillion
Resources: n/a

Zillion socials:

Music Vibe: Ultra by Savfk

m ^ r n i n g

Time: 15 minutes

Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad)
Character: n/a
Resources: n/a

Music Vibe: bloom by j^p^n

haha panda go mlem. first time shading + coloring an animation and seeing it work out.. kinda.. not really.. some places i could improve.. yeah... cx

Time: 8 hours
Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad) + Photopea (browser)
Character: Nico
Resources: n/a

Music Vibe: Adam Duff LUCIDPIXUL's art talks + Chill with Caravan Palace mix

First batch of attacks!! I draw on small canvas so send one by one will look bad cx

Time: 2~4 hours each
Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad) + Photopea (browser)
Character: Poto , Aurora , Hillow , Taz , Peter , Blue Heron
Resources: n/a

Music Vibe: Hollow Knight OST + Gods & Nightmares + Show Yourself

when i started on this i was starving, mindblanking, stressed and bored as fuck so the sketch for this is like an abomination of a mess so the fact that this looks smooth at all is amazing.

Time: 3 hours
Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad) + Photopea (browser)
Character: Azkhar
Resources: n/a

Music Vibe: Spitfire by Infected Mushroom

also here's the other one

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Vairety has joined the battle!

Finally settled on an artfight design. Pretty satisfied.

. . .
[Name] Vairety
[Nickname(s)] Vair, Sugarcube / Sugahcube, Sugar / Sugah, Cube

[Sex] Sexless
[Gender] Appears to be more masculine.

[Species] Shadow Creature
[Form] Sugarcube-Head Cat

[(C. Form) Height] About 1'6"
[(H. Form) Height] About 6'6"

[(C. Form) Personality] Brain functions more cat-like. Curious, gets pretty excited over small or strange things. He's weak for feathered toys, heh.
[(H. Form) Personality] Brain functions more human-like. Observant, introverted, much more chill compared to his cat form. He's chill with giving hugs.

[Favorite Food] Chicken and Gravy mixed with either egg noodles, mashed potatoes, or rice.
[Favorite Drink] Anything Fruity, juicy, or sweet~

[ArtFight Post]

June 2020
Program(s): Paint Tool SAI

Art and Vairety belong to myself, @sp00k5t3r
Don't use my art for anything whatsoever, thanks.

glitchfvck -


Alright so, my art program crashed during this, and I had to backup my entire ipad for it to work again. And my brush settings reset to default so it was a struggle to finish this shit. Plus I spent way too much fuckin time on this LOL.

But! I finished and I'm very happy with how it turned out! I used the speedpaint (linked below) as a tutorial for the wispy fire magic and went for a general monster/dino theme I think. Don't think this would be perfectly what they want but it's the best I could do, since I don't do anthros or humanoids. I had some help with the legs, I always have trouble with those bastards; so the only reason they look good is because of the help pfft.

This is for a design trade for a deviantart group: Creature-Exchange, for the user bonbondevil. I haven't posted on dA yet but I'll post there when I wake up tomorrow and link it here!

Time: 5+ hours
Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad) + Photopea (browser)
Character: Woodland Guardian
Resources: Inferno (speedpaint) , Aminirus's help pfft , Prompt + Palette
*Check out Ami's comic Parallel Rift! Chapter 1 just finished!!

Music Vibe: Guitarmass by Infected Mushroom

Noodly borb.

Time: 1 hour
Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad) + Photopea (browser
Character: n/a
Resources: n/a

Music Vibe: No Strings Attached by Swingrowers

I also liked him enough to make a lil fullbody concept. I think he's cute.

Time: 30 minutes
Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad)
Character: Unnamed
Resources: n/a

Music Vibe: Violente valse // Violent waltz by Caravan Palace

Sorry for absence, life has been absolute nuts the past couple of weeks.
A lil animation, I've been doing a lot of em recently and I'm obsessed with it now.

Time: 40 minutes
Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad) + Photopea (browser)
Character: Unnamed
Resources: n/a

Music Vibe: Comics by Caravan Palace

i got my name change on artfight so you can now find me as glitchfvck on there too! hype for july~

A young hunter of Silferion; carefree and playful, yet anxious over the smallest things.
"reminds me of a bannanna strawberry smoothie with oreo crumbles as a topping"

Time: 4+ hours
Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad)
Character: QuarzRite
*Species: Florenbeasts are a semi-closed species created by QueenBlazary on dA
Resources: n/a

Music Vibe: The Next World II

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doodles: The Gift Art Collection!

/chanting/ gift gift gift gIFT

First up we got Kazu, the dope pupper of my two friends Aru and @scidia
Then we got Skydiver, one of @glitchfvck 's heccin' awesome mc's
And lastly we got one I forgot to share the other day - @jsabblixer goin' phase 2, yo

Man, I feel like my art leveled up - my sketches have a lot more potential to become finished lined pieces if I wanted to put more time into 'em. heh

May 2020 / Approx 30 minutes for Kazu/Skydiver _ 2-3 Hours for Phase 2 Blix
Program(s): Paint Tool SAI

Kazu is under the care of Aru and @scidia
Skydiver belongs to the bestpen, @glitchfvck

Just Shapes and Beats belongs to Berzerk Studio
Blixer Phase 2 Dragon design by @jsabblixer

Art belongs to myself, @sp00k5t3r
Only those @'ed can use these, otherwise don't use in anyway whatsoever. Thanks.

glitchfvck -

i found this cool person

a dystopia of darkness, lines, and light

Time: 30 minutes
Program: Piskel (browser)
Character: little guy
Resources: n/a

Music Vibe: いのちの食べ方 (How to Eat Life) by Eve

This is drawn using the touchpad, to explain why it took an eternity, pfft.
Also this isn't done, still a big empty space there to fill up with stuff!
Keks in first update since may 3rd.
The discord server has like 3 channels only, so most people kinda assume it's dead and move on, feel free to do the same I don't mind lol, :P

Time: 4+ hours
Program: Piskel (browser)
Character: Player's Character, a mouse.
Resources: n/a

Music Vibe: 60 minute mix of Caravan Palace

What is your Runalong I must know. I know I'm not the only one ok I swear,, i hope ;;
Mine kinda changes depending on the time of the day jkdsfjs- like if it's dark outside and the streetlights are on, it would kinda blend in with the lights. The lights are aliveeee.

The Senri sat down on the stone stairway and looked across at the waterfalls that cascaded down the farther end of the island. Just as he was about to doze off from the fresh scent of rushing water, a snake-like creature wrapped itself around the tiny Senri's body. The Senri lifted his book out of the way just before the speedy lil dragon settled into a warm noodle embrace.
He hissed in a hushed tone at the noodle, "No, Wicker! Bad dragon! Bad!" The dragon grumbled softly back, completely ignoring the poor lad.

Game: Fer.al
Characters: Glitch played by me, Wicker played by @sp00k5t3r

Sorry for lack of arts, Fer.al released a couple days ago.
Love this game beyond everything right now. Waited for it for years now and it's absolutely fuckin' surreal to actually play it. Also friends are fun. Stepped away for a mere minute and came back to this damn dragon sleeping on me. >:V

i liked the bg in the last one so i did another one real quick

Time: 10 minutes
Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad)
Character: n/a

Music Vibe: My Name Is... by Once Monsters

a gateway to a brighter place,,

"Looks like somethin' right outta a refined older-spyro game or older pokemon game on other platforms, like gamecube" - The Triangle Man

Time: 1 hour
Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad)
Character: n/a
Resources: beenary's color palette challenge

Music Vibe: Blackout by Solence

wanted to do the spitpaint challenge but i simply can't draw that fast in this style and a lot of time goes into colorblocking lol. so just speedpaint, 1 hour c:
also color palette challenge~

Time: 1 hour
Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad)
Character: n/a
Resources: beenary's color palette challenge

Music Vibe: Put It On (instrumental) by Craig Reever

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scidia -


This was a good practice for making transparent and slightly glowing areas on a creature. The sketch and subsequent lines took about 4 hours to do, the colors took way longer because I just couldn't make up my mind on what patterns and colors to give him. In the end I went for a plain, smooth black with green tinted highlights and purple accent colors. I think I sat down all night yesterday messing with colors and patterns just to come up with that. >.>

Anyways, a bit of lore behind his weird anatomy:
Fel, my corrupted venomous child, as a Xilen. His horns are roots that are probably used to create his venom and the structure on top his head is a blooming flower whose petals act as ears. He warns trespassers with the rattle on his tail. He has no mouth, but instead has a tube to drink liquefied foods with, as well as a pair of venom injecting spurs that resemble fangs. His blood and insides contain a strong acid, which can glow in dark areas for a certain amount of time.

Xilens are a new group over on DA, which I'm still half active on, they were made by bent-glqsses. They're a pretty neat concept that's pretty open to a lot more creative freedom than I'm used to seeing with species concepts.

Xilen can be found at: XilenZoo@DA

Piece in total took maybe 10 hours to complete, I'm still slow I think.

But I love the belly, so happy with it.

Art and character design were done by me, Scidia, I also go by ScidiaScribbles over on DA.

Please do not reuse without my permission.

glitchfvck -


>tfw when u take on boat persona in a server and then decides to take it seriously

Time: 20 minutes
Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad)
Character: n/a

Music Vibe: Dreamland by Glass Animals (everything else gives me anxiety i need more chill reverb music like this)

late 2019/early 2020 summary? and an excuse to post old art from dA lol.
all of these are personal work or gift arts. except for the fox, that one is kinda a comm? a pwyw thing for a friend pfft-

left to right, up to down
[Nov2019] sweet dreams
[Dec2019] this is war
[Dec2019] santa mcpineys
[Feb2020] ash & zoid
[Mar2020] aurora
[Oct2019] xeryn
[Oct2019] 7025
[Nov2019] hello, wolf
[Dec2019] meet me on the highway
[Dec2019] crystal lava

P.S. ap compsci exam in less than 24 hours ;p im pretty fucked tbh. hoping for atleast a 2 /kek
oh ye its 4 am again. because the exam is at 4:00~4:45 am pfft

Time: i just kinda threw the old arts together but prob 2~3 hours each piece
Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad) + Photopea (browser)
Character: lots

Music Vibe: Dreamland by Glass Animals

For GlitchFvck

>> Had to return the favor @glitchfvck <33

glitchfvck -

WAIT U DID TWO WHAT WHY BUT ALSO thAnK yOu qwq look at them precious children jksdfj thank you so muchhhh

JSaB OC because a friend on discord made a JSaB roleplay hehh. He's precious tbh.
Had the idea for a bit now just haven't had the muse to draw.

Time: 40 minutes
Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad)
Character: Echovoid

Music Vibe: Dreamland by Glass Animals